Collection: MELIS

Made with Intent.

MELIS was created to inspire a more conscious, natural and connected way of living with ourselves and those around us.
MELIS Founder, Melissa Italiano has always been cognisant of the power of scent as a bypass for stressful moments in her own busy life and its ability to assist in her journey, via the senses, to live a more mindful life in the ‘now’ with more intent.
Honouring this profound impact, Melissa recognised an opportunity to create MELIS to help others use scent to take stock, recalibrate and appreciate conscious moments. Connecting back to yourself by smelling your favourite scent and mindfully selecting your brain’s memory imprint elevates your personal vibration and wellbeing.
All perfumes are included in Melissa’s personal meditation practice, a sacred meditation that connects you to the  MELIS intention - for you to know and live your own personal truth. We welcome requests for personalised intentions and placements for individual orders.

MELIS natural fragrances are derived purely from 100% botanical ingredients gifted directly from nature including pure essential oils, resins, absolutes, concretes, C02 extracts and natural isolates. These ingredients can be more difficult to work with however, the resulting nuances - beautiful, interesting facets from the raw materials - are what give natural perfume their ability to evolve, transform and form a life of their own on their wearer.

Many commercially available, big brand perfumes are made using synthetic fragrances that allow manufacturers to create memorable, consistent and unusual scents however, these perfumes often contain phthalates, parabens and petrochemicals in order to achieve consistency and durability on the skin. Given that the chemicals are absorbed directly into our bloodstream, some research suggests these ingredients can have a serious impact on our health, playing havoc with hormone function and even fertility.

MELIS is vegan and free from synthetic fragrance, parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, chemicals. We do not test on animals.