Collection: Melise Smith

The Bespoke Linen Co’s range of linen textiles and homewares is continually evolving in the hands of artist and founder Melise Smith who mixes her talent for ceramics, painting and weaving into beautiful everyday pieces for the home and body.
Sustainably harvested and woven into fine weaves and textiles, The Bespoke Linen Co. sources fine European linen that is completely chemical free. With no toxic residues, you can have piece of mind knowing the linen you choose to sleep and surround yourself with is grown as nature intended.
Melise, brings her designs to life with bespoke finishing touches, whether it be a hand- frayed edge to a decadent grande tablecloth, or by adding a flourishing stroke of her ochre- hued paint brush to a linen cushion. The Bespoke Linen Co. harnesses the luxurious and enduring qualities of linen, along with hope of a renaissance of pieces made to last that can enrich your surrounds and day to day living for many years to come.