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Remnants of Chanel - jewels

Remnants of Chanel - jewels

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Remnants of Chanel
limited edition pièce d’art
by textile artist
Melise Smith
handcrafted with remnants of Chanel’s past collections, this iconic tweed imported from France woven from various fibres such as virgin wool, mohair, silks and cottons


SOlof 9ct gold  studs ,  authentic Chanel woven metallic threads 

Each piece of  jewellery has been hand crafted by textile artist Melise Smith from threads of authentic Chanel fabrics.
Locks and studs are 9ct solid gold or sterling silver.

Only 12 individual pieces have been made in this collection and presented on a hand crafted porcelain backing plate to display your jewels. Each signed and numbered on the back. 

Earrings are carefully sewn together with stainless steel thread imported from Japan. 

The piece you are purchasing is the exact piece in this image. 


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