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Fringed Sarong - Sienna

Fringed Sarong - Sienna

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Our Sarongs are  handmade in Australia from linen woven by artisans in Eastern Europe finished with herringbone stitch and fringe detail comes in 4 colour ways, Naturelle, Sienna, Terre, and Noir. This beautiful sheer lightweight linen softens with use, also making it perfect for the cooler months as a wrap/scarf. 

Dimensions: 145cm x 170cm


Use pure soap or gentle detergent when laundering linens.  Place delicate or fringed linens into a pillowcase before putting them into a washing machine or hand wash. Use cool or warm water.   Never tumble-dry linen as this can over-dry the fibres. Iron damp linen until smooth but not dry. Linen naturally dries quickly anyway.  Once wrinkles are gone, hang the linen item until it is bone dry. 

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