Collection: The Lane x The Bespoke Linen Co.

Designed by The Lane Founder and Creative Director Karissa Dalton, in partnership with The Bespoke Linen Co., The Lane x The Bespoke Linen Co. poetically drapes over tablescapes, cascading to the ground in a pool of undulating, textural linen.
Designed to bring bold drama to even the simplest of wedding reception or home tablescapes, the oversized length can be styled to suit each individual event - bunch the fabric over the table to create depth and texture woven throughout the table decor, or drape flat over the table with even more length to spilling over the floor.
The dramatic 285cm width will conceal any glimpse of trestle table legs at each side, creating the perfect blank canvas. We've also created a stylist's length for photoshoots in 25mtrs ( used in the images) with more flexibility for a variety of table sizes, with extended lengths both to span a venue or simply tuck back underneath for smaller tablescapes.
Handmade and dyed in Europe  from luxurious linen, a natural shade gives just the slightest hint of warmth and barely visible wash of peach/pink.